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Our Team

Lonesome Day Records is a small label that promotes music with integrity and quality. The company is dedicated to making and marketing only the best artists and music. Operating under the assumption that there is high demand for quality music whether it is country, bluegrass or rock, Lonesome Day Records strives to become a leader in releasing outstanding albums while also enjoying the experience.

Lonesome Day Records was started in 2002 by Randall Deaton as a family-run business. The name Lonesome Day Records was chosen from the title of a Bruce Springsteen song from the album The Rising. Randall grew up on a small farm in Kentucky instilled with a strong work ethic and a passion for music that has kept him rockin’ for the past 20 years. Playing in bands throughout high school and college, he earned a degree in business administration and a minor in political science while wielding a guitar and mandolin. Ten years ago he turned his attention towards audio engineering and converted an old church into his temple – a recording studio. That studio has since expanded and spawned Lonesome Day Records which has released top-ranking records for the likes of Ralph Stanley II, Larry Cordle, and Fred Eaglesmith among other prolific artists from bluegrass to country.

Lonesome Day Records currently has two locations: a main office and recording studio in Booneville, KY and a satellite office & creative department in Nashville, Tennessee. Randall has worked in every capacity possible at Lonesome Day Records and currently personally oversees each release from song selection to engineering and production. On that subject, he has plenty to say: “The power of music is astonishing. The subject matter of songs has not really changed over hundreds of years yet there is “new” music created everyday and people still want it. I think we have done some records that will still be played years down the road. The music industry may change but it isn’t going anywhere. People will always want good music but they just may buy it in a different way”.

Lonesome Day has an in-house video production department headed by Jason Hernandez of March Media in Lexington, Kentucky. March Media has strong ties with the network of video outlets in the country format and has promoted clips by many of the biggest names in the music business.

Our Team

Randall Deaton

Founder & Overseer
Our Team When Randall Deaton founded Lonesome Day Records in 2002 his plan was simple: Make real honest bluegrass music that speaks to his soul. Well, mission accomplished. Over the past decade, the Booneville, Kentucky-based label has released some of the best bluegrass records from artists including Blue Moon Rising, Jeff Parker, and Ralph Stanley II, and has been a mainstay on the bluegrass charts for more than 10 years.

“I don’t take on records just for the sake of needing to put out releases. I have to truly like the music and know that it’s a good record because quality is more important than quantity. The test for me is when I listen to it would I be comfortable asking someone to drop their hard-earned money on this record? I have to believe in the record and the artist has to have a true passion and believe in what they’re doing. I’m a sucker for a good singer too. Good vocals, good melodies, and good lyrics are the things that have kept this label going,” says Deaton.

A lifelong country and bluegrass music fan himself, Deaton’s musical journey began in high school when he dabbled in local bluegrass bands as a guitarist and mandolin player. After earning his college degree in business and working odd jobs, he finally decided to follow his true passion and figure out a way to make his mark in the music industry.

“I grew up listening to the great country and bluegrass singers and always wanted to work in music, but wasn’t exactly sure in which capacity,” says Deaton who named Lonesome Day Records after Bruce Springsteen’s 2002 song “Lonesome Day.” “When my grandmother passed away, she left me some property and it had an old church on it. I figured instead of letting this building sit empty I’ll convert it into a recording studio and record local bluegrass artists. So, we remodeled it and put the recording studio there and I learned how to engineer records myself.”

Shortly after opening the studio doors, Deaton decided he wanted to do more for artists than just record them so he created Lonesome Day Records and released his first bluegrass album by Sam Wilson in 2002. But the real kick-start to the label’s success was the 2003 release of Two Roads to Travel, from Jeff Parker, who was in the popular Lonesome River Band at the time before joining Dailey & Vincent. In 2005, Lonesome Day Records scored its first No. 1 bluegrass song on the Bluegrass Unlimited chart with Lou Reid & Carolina’s “Time,” which featured country great Vince Gill on the track. The label scored its next No. 1 hit in 2009 with Ralph Stanley II’s “Train Songs” from the record This One Is Two.

After releasing Canadian singer-songwriter Fred Eaglesmith’s Tinderbox on vinyl in 2008, Eaglesmith asked the label to release his Cha Cha Cha record in 2010, which landed him on “Late Show with David Letterman” giving further nationwide recognition to Lonesome Day Records. Over the years, the label has also been home to Mountain Heart’s Steve Gulley, Darrell Webb, Blue Moon Rising, Randy Kohrs, Wildfire, and 2015 Kentucky Music Hall of Fame Inductee Larry Cordle.

Today, the mission is the same but the roster is evolving. Lonesome Day is still firmly rooted in bluegrass music with Jeff Parker, Richard Bennett, Jeff Clair, and Tim Shelton on the bill. But Deaton has also branched out to Americana-leaning artists, including Boston Music Awards winners Girls Guns and Glory and singer/songwriter Sarah Borges, as well as a bluegrass tribute to blue-collar rock singer Bob Seger.

“What I’m proud of the most is that every artist who we’ve worked with over the years has been better for it and their careers have been elevated. And we’ve been able to maintain – and grow – our place in the bluegrass market while also branching out to help more Americana rock, and alt-country artists,” he adds.

Jason Hernandez

Jason and Randall have known each other since they were both freshmen at Cumberland College. Over the last 20 years Randall and Jason have educated each other on their respective music backgrounds, Randall’s being country and bluegrass while Jason’s is steeped in rock and roll. Jason turned Randall onto greats such as Bruce Springsteen and Randall turned Jason on to the likes of Waylon Jennings.Jason began working full time with LDR in 2009. He brings a musical passion that insures LDR stays focused on Randall’s original intent to create great music regardless of the genre. Jason is the artist’s best friend at LDR. He makes sure they get what they need. If you have a show tonight and you forgot your pants, then Jason is your man.

Miles High Productions

Online and Social Media Marketing for the Entertainment Industry
Miles High Productions Miles High Productions (MHP) was created to bridge the gap of companies working directly with music artists and entertainment based projects who are in need of additional marketing support. MHP also focuses on non-music ventures such as corporate brand building, cosmetics, gaming, sports and other industries. MHP’s goal is to elevate your product or artist to a higher ground in an expedient timeframe by exposing them to new and existing online audiences. MHP also focuses on taking our campaigns one step further by cross-promoting all traditional methods of marketing with online opportunities for further outreach.

Chip Schutzman formed MHP in July of 2003 after observing a gradual lack of efforts made to effectively promote artists online. Sometimes limited resources to market artists in a traditional sense and the results are minimal based on today’s trends in downsizing of companies and lack of resources. MHP’s list of services to music labels, artist management and artists and to other companies are a complement or supplement to co-existing traditional marketing plan strategies.

Shock Ink

Public Relations
Miles High Productions As a major figure in the music biz swirl, Elaine Schock gives importance and grace to personalized public relations.
As president of Los Angeles-based Shock Ink, her strategized advice to her clients may be discussed, analyzed, and agonized by them over and over; but the clarity, and passion of her commitment to them inspires journalists the world over.”I’ve got the best publicist in the world, Elaine Schock,” Toby Keith bragged in Billboard a few years back. “She kicks every other publicist’s ass.”

Now in its second incarnation, Shock Ink has a roster that also includes Willie Nelson, Fred Eaglesmith, David Lee Roth, Gabriel Iglesias, Heart, and Johnny Gimble.

Among her past clients are: Billy Joel, Mary-Chapin Carpenter, Shawn Colvin, Travis Tritt, Sinead O’Connor, Brooks & Dunn, Annie Lennox, Roberta Flack, Genesis, Trisha Yearwood, Rhonda Vincent, DierksBentley, Michael W. Smith, Phil Vassar, Melissa Ethridge, Henry Rollins, Buddy Guy, Harry Connick Jr., Prefab Sprouts, Lucinda Williams,Technotronic, the Stone Roses, and the American Music Awards.

Schock has directed national media campaigns for the Bangles, Bob Dylan, Huey Lewis & The News, and Billy Joel, among others. She booked an unknown Natalie Imbruglia on “Saturday Night Live” before her American debut album shipped to stores; and her aggressive media work laid the groundwork for the Dave Matthews Band’s national breakthrough.

Schock’s career began at Island Records in London in the ’70s. This was followed by jobs at Casablanca, ABC, MCA in Los Angeles; and at Columbia, and Chrysalis in New York before setting up Shock Ink in 1987.

In 1996, Schock put her business on hiatus to be Sr. VP/Media & Artist Relations at RCA. She reopened Shock Ink in late 2000 after leaving RCA.
The Los Angeles Daily News once hailed Schock as ‘The Queen of Controversy Spin.”

After all, Schock deftly guided Toby Keith through his public spats with the Dixie Chicks, and with the late newsman Peter Jennings; dampened the media frenzy surrounding Billy Joel’s divorce from Christie Brinkley; and tried to stick handle past the media bloodbath that followed Sinead O’Connor’s Pope photo shredding incident on “Saturday Night Live.”​

To see how Lonesome Day can help you fulfill your goals as an artist,
call Randall for a consultation at our main office in Booneville, KY at 606 620 4322.


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